It’s been hard to keep up since January: it seems like every day, more and more people are coming out to resist not only Trump, but also the bigoted capitalist police horse he rode in on. This is the new normal, Resist this!

#DisruptJ20 was only a beginning. We worked hard building relationships, training new organizers and activists, and creating an unapologetic, confrontational culture of resistance in DC.


ResistThis! is a clearinghouse for the ever-growing calendar of campaigns, actions, meetings, and events in DC. Why reinvent the wheel, when you could just become a spoke? There’s tons of work to be done and we want everyone plugged in and ready to go! Where will we see you next?

You can become involved through working groups, which are listed on our website. There is a volunteer sign-up on each of the working group pages if you want to get involved with one or multiple.

Our Principles

As organizers and lovers of DC, we adhere to the DC organizing principles-

DC Organizing Principles

  • Talk to Local Organizers
  • Advance Local Organizing
  • Don’t Just Use Our City – Strengthen It

Read more about DC organizing principles here.


  • ResistThis! is a switchboard for local organizations and does not seek to divide our allies by making any demands about tactics
  • ResistThis! respects organizers and relationships that already exist
  • Allied organizations coordinate voluntarily and are not required to divulge all activities to the spokes council

Mutual Respect

We support the right of all involved to feel safe and empowered while attending spokes councils and other events coordinated by ResistThis. We encourage everyone to be safe, smart, and supportive of all comrades in all the ways they choose to express dissent.

“Our best organizing is when we’re showing our fierce love for one another.”

Our best organizing is when we’re showing our fierce love for one another. Whether we’re demonstrating mutual aid between affinity groups, or practicing good security culture, building strong relationships based on trust is the best way to ensure our community thrives. ResistThis aims to facilitate and bond organizations and affinity groups to establish that trust to build a brighter future.

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