Street or action medics are volunteers with varying degrees of medical training who attend protests and demonstrations to provide medical care, including first aid. Unlike emergency medical technicians (EMTs), who work for state-sponsored institutions, street medics...


Ensuring folks have their basic needs covered, including food, is an important part of building sustainable movement. Not having to worry about your meals┬áduring a mobilization or a meeting makes the whole process much more successful and accessible. If you’re...

Spaces WG

Finding space is an essential task too building community. The space working group allows our community to come together and build the type of resistance. Space is simple existing. We saw each other on the streets on #J20, but the inauguration has come and gone, and...


The digital working group creates a flood of content on facebook and twitter as well as supports organizing through web design and development.

Art Working Group

Art is the visual landscape that compels movements forward. Art tells the stories of our resistance, hope, and urgency. Join the art working group today and help support the movement of movements. Tell the story of resistance and winning.