The past two months has been a whirlwind of awful executive orders, cabinet confirmations, attacks on our healthcare, our national budget and so much more which has been met by beautiful resistance and pivotal moments of solidarity among oppressed communities.

The DisruptJ20 crew has been helping the Dead City Legal Posse provide legal support for those who were arrested at the protests that took place on #j20, organizing spokes councils, joining others in a resisting the DC City Council nomination for Chief of the Metropolitan Police Department Peter Newsham, as well as other acts of resistance.

After successfully disrupting Trump’s Inauguration we are excited to announce, that we will continue #OurResistance. #DisruptJ20 is rebranding into two activist hubs: WeDisrupt & ResistThis!. Will work to ensure that #OurResistance to the Trump administration continues to grow and remain inclusive to all our peoples. ResistThis! is a resource for building sustainable, vibrant movements. Through collective experiences, we’ve seen how movements grow when they fight for all of us. ResistThis! will showcase mobilizations & national organizing while WeDisrupt will work on a DC specific resistance. is the hub where local activists can learn about upcoming DC actions. WeDisrupt is currently organizing spokes councils and ‘activist get-togethers’ in DC.

To learn more about this and how else we can disrupt together, check out

Be on the lookout for these two resources as we continue to organize together and fight. A better world is possible.


DisruptJ20 Crew